AppSketch Story

AppSketch LogoFor over 10 years I’ve been building web and mobile applications. As a solo developer I can’t always work on all of the projects that come my way. Especially the ones that I know take a ridiculously long time.  I am a sucker for automation so I started building solutions to help me ramp up the tedious and hard to reach parts of development. Little did I know that those 6 months of highly focused work would get me to this point today.
“A Platform that builds Platforms”
AppSketch is the best side of me as a business person and a software developer. Speed & efficiency combined is a big deal in the world of software. And of course, I can talk about all the different types of end to end testing and database optimization techniques but thats not why you’re reading this. You want to build your dream business and execute your ideas without limit. You’ve come to the right place. Not because there aren’t other solutions but because I know what its like to fail first and succeed on your most cherished ideas. And I’m here with you through every step of the way.
Take the leap with AppSketch. You’ll be surprised what we accomplish together.