Sketch Importer

We went through multiple iterations with different mobile frameworks. From ReactNative, NativeScript, Ionic + PhoneGap.
Fuse allows for a lot of flexibility and expression with respect to UX markup and Classes.
We take pride in taking this wonderful technology with us to deliver complete applications to our customers.
ReactNative at the time was very volatile, there were multiple ways to build navigation systems for example. NativeScript was close in second to Fuse.
However the familiarality to Angular was both nice and frustrating with the latest big changes in Angular 4 and 5. Fuse is a delight.
The Sketch Importer from previous Fuse versions is was not clean enough for us to leave alone. Realizing that the
existing system used an absolute positioning system to draw elements, we had to incorporate a better layout system.
We try to give customers end products that are as close to the design specification without boxing the design into one device.
Our latest builds now add alignment detection to our engine to support responsive layouts automatically.
Especially on iOS, apps lay out their user interface by programmatically setting the frame for each view in a view hierarchy.

The frame defines the view’s origin, height, and width in the superview’s coordinate system. In theory this might sound easy but can be a hassle mainly because managing 100s of
constraints in a multitude of views for different device sizes can become very brittle. This supports our theory that Mobile Development is still hard. With that said, the next step is to automatically detect the constraints of each view in accordance with the views around it.